Generations of Original Specialty Food Recipes

Veronica Toma - Founder
Andrew Toma - President

Our recipes originate from my great grandmother, Veronica. She was born and raised in a small village in Hungary. At a young age, my father watched Veronica can a variety of different foods and this inspired him later in his life. When he finished his time in the military, he wished to continue her legacy. This was a driving force for my father to seek out more information about Veronica's work with canning. His father told him to ask his Aunt Anna who saved the recipes and taught my dad the family secrets and ways of Veronica. I was very fortunate to have spent many hours in the kitchen with my father before he passed away. In 2008, I attended food courses through Michigan State University and received the opportunity to work the best in the field, Dr. Durward A. Smith who is the associate professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I continue to work with Nebraska's Food Processing Center. With that little story of my family's history, we are now pleased to welcome my daughter, Alyssa, to Toma Foods in 2019. Here at Toma Foods we offer high quality products from a true family business.


Alyssa Toma

She is currently studying Nutrition and Dietetics at Northern Illinois University and her goal is to become a registered dietitian within the next year. She is an excellent addition to our company and we are excited to see what ideas she has to offer.

"My passion has always been food, including the quality of the food we put into our bodies on a day-t-day basis. Toma Foods is something I have seen my father work hard at for many years and I am proud to stand behind his products and the transparency of his business" -Alyssa Toma

Here at Toma Foods, We Know Quality